TitleModified DateSize Description
2018 Annual Report with Video Link1/10/20195.67 MBDownload 
MACH Academy Work Out Schedule11/16/201878.94 KBDownload 
STEM Workshop3/7/2018280.64 KBDownload2018 STEM Workshop at Fleming Tennis Center
Volunteer Recruitment Flyer10/11/2017261.61 KBDownloadRecruitment Flyer
Volunteer Application10/11/2017225.13 KBDownloadApplication for Volunteering services
Fleming Tennis & Fitness Clinics10/11/201771.37 KBDownloadTennis & Fitness Clinics Flyer for Fleming Tennis Center
Diamond Lakes Tennis & Fitness Flyer10/11/201769.62 KBDownloadTennis & Fitness Clinics Flyer for Diamond Lakes
Fleming Tennis Center 10 & Under Clinic10/11/201767.87 KBDownload10 & Under Clinic held at the Fleming Tennis Center
Diamond Lakes 10 & Under Clinic10/11/201769.16 KBDownload10 & Under Clinic held at the Diamond Lakes Tennis Center
Registration & Enrolment Form10/11/2017143.24 KBDownloadMACH Academy Technology & Tennis for Life Registration & Enrolment Form
Diamond Lakes Recruitment Application10/11/2017138.70 KBDownloadRecruitment Application for Diamond Lakes
MACH Brochure10/11/20174.30 MBDownloadOrganizational Brochure of MACH Academy
2018 Masters Week Camp Flyer & Application10/11/2017134.09 KBDownloadMasters week Camp Flyer & Application
Programs & Services Literature10/11/2017332.29 KBDownloadDescription of MACH Academy Programs & Services
CHILD Care Learning Center (CCLC) Enrolment Form10/11/2017134.36 KBDownloadHealthy Bodies, Healthy Mind CCLC Enrolment Form
Coding Club10/11/2017230.51 KBDownloadLearning to Code helps Kids to become creative and confident!
After School Tutoring10/11/201797.13 KBDownloadAcademic Support
Adult Tennis Clinic10/11/2017383.83 KBDownloadAdult Tennis Clinic
2018 JTT Registration10/11/2017206.82 KBDownloadWinter-Spring USTA JTT Registration
2018 Fleming Tennis Center Play Day Registration10/11/2017248.61 KBDownloadUSTA NJTL Play Day Registration
2018 Diamond Lakes Play Days Registration10/11/201765.19 KBDownloadUSTA NJTL Play Day Registration
2018 Fleming Tennis Center Tennis & Fitness Registration10/11/2017115.74 KBDownloadTennis & Fitness Summer Camp Registration for the Fleming Tennis Center
2018 Diamond Lakes Tennis & Fitness Registration10/11/2017114.47 KBDownloadSummer Camp Registration for Diamond Lakes
2018 Reach For the Stars10/11/2017185.52 KBDownloadSTEM & Academic Summer Camp at the Fleming Tennis Center (FTC)
Adult Applications1/21/2017113.71 KBDownload 
Program Registration Form1/21/2017136.51 KBDownload 
Financial Assistance Form5/11/201684.48 KBDownload 
501 C 33/21/2016185.33 KBDownload 

Upcoming Events

Master's Week Camp April 8-12, 2019

Join us during the week of Spring Break for Master's Week Camp at Fleming Tennis Center, 1850 Chester Ave, Augusta, GA.  Enjoy Tennis, Arts…

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