Family Housing

MACH Academy’s purpose in participating in Family Housing and Neighborhood Stabilization Programs is to support homeownership for low and moderate-income families and to assist low and moderate income families with purchasing, rehabilitating and refinancing of their homes.  Additionally, we want to provide employment opportunities and attract national business chains to our area.


The Georgia Department of Community Affairs certified MACH Academy, Inc. as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) effective January 2010.  MACH Academy is eligible to apply for State of Georgia HOME funds set aside specifically for CHDO's under the state's FFY2013 & 2014 HOME program.  Please refer to our Certificate

Home Owner Benefits

Low and moderate-income persons will benefit from our program because we will be providing decent affordable housing which will have financial and social benefits in our community. Additionally, we will improve their living environments by creating economic opportunities. This will be accomplished by identifying potential investors who have a stated interest in our identified areas. They will also benefit by having a community that has a unified spirit with enhanced entertainment and recreational activities. 

MACH Academy, Inc. is acutely aware of the importance of wealth and income in the  transition to home ownership.  We understand that both household income and wealth have a significant importance to the transition to homeownership.  Additionally, a lot of lenders require higher down payments to minorities to mitigate their credit risk.  We plan to educate and counsel our potential clientele about improving their credit and educate them not to have an aversion to debt, but be responsible.

Houses For Sale!

  1. 2470 Coleman Avenue, Augusta, GA 30906 (?)
  2. 2440 Lawton Street, Augusta, GA 30904 (?)

Upcoming Events

2021 MACH Academy Fall Program 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Fr Fleming Tennis Center, 1850 Chester Ave, Augusta, GA 30906