Title Type Size Description Download
2018 Annual Report with Video Linkpdf5.67 mb
501 C 3pdf185.33 kb
Adult Applicationspdf113.71 kb
Adult Tennis Clinicpdf383.83 kbAdult Tennis Clinic
After School Tutoringpdf97.13 kbAcademic Support
Coding Clubpdf230.51 kbLearning to Code helps Kids to become creative and confident!
Diamond Lakes 10 & Under Clinicpdf69.16 kb10 & Under Clinic held at the Diamond Lakes Tennis Center
Diamond Lakes Recruitment Applicationpdf138.70 kbRecruitment Application for Diamond Lakes
Diamond Lakes Tennis & Fitness Flyerpdf69.62 kbTennis & Fitness Clinics Flyer for Diamond Lakes
Enrollment Applicationpdf90.37 kbMACH Academy Enrollment Application
Fleming Tennis & Fitness Clinicspdf71.37 kbTennis & Fitness Clinics Flyer for Fleming Tennis Center
Fleming Tennis Center 10 & Under Clinicpdf67.87 kb10 & Under Clinic held at the Fleming Tennis Center
Girls Dream BIGpdf410.17 kbSTEM Event hosted by Society of Women Engineers & MACH Academy
MACH Post Match Evaluationpdf65.38 kbPost Match Evaluation
MACH Weekly Trainning Schedulepdf97.39 kbWeekly Training Schedule
NJTL Match Evaluation pdf65.38 kbThis is a Student Match analysis and evaluation Form
Program & Servicespdf277.36 kbDescription of MACH Academy Program & Services
Tuition Assistance Applicationpdf56.44 kbTuition Assistance Application
Volunteer Applicationpdf225.13 kbApplication for Volunteering services
Volunteer Recruitment Flyerpdf261.61 kbRecruitment Flyer
Waiver & Liability Formpdf302.45 kbWaiver & Liability Form

Upcoming Events

2021 MACH Academy Fall Program 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Fr Fleming Tennis Center, 1850 Chester Ave, Augusta, GA 30906